Thursday, December 12, 2013

Super-Simple Winter Dinners

Cooking dinner at my house in the winter usually involves creating some type of soup. Soups are easy one-dish meals that can become convenient take-along leftovers, or are simple to store in the freezer for future quick meals.

One of my favorites is a vegetable soup that I can assemble in the crockpot in less than 5 minutes. This one is especially good if I've got a full schedule of clients and meetings or a project that has me occupied much of the day. There is nothing like coming in the door after a long day to be greeted with the smell of a warm dinner ready and waiting. Find my 5-minute crockpot soup here.

Soups based around beans are hearty and satisfying without feeling oily and heavy. Sometimes I puree white beans to make a creamy soup, minus the cream. White bean soup has a similar taste to classic potato soup, with the added benefit of extra fiber and protein that beans provide. Find the white bean soup recipe here.

Exotic spicy soups are especially warming on dark chilly nights. Egyptian-inspired red lentil or Indian-inspired curried squash soups are two of my favorite spicy go-to soups on nights like these. Find the Egyptian lentil soup here and the curried squash soup here.

Experimentation is key in finding recipes that become your 'regulars.' For a boost of flavor, try substituting some of the water in a recipe with some dry white wine. Most savory soups are more flavorful when an extra bay leaf or two are added to the pot (just be sure to remove them before serving the soup!).

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