Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My "Go-To" Lunch

One of my favorite no-brainer lunches, when time and commitments leave me in search of lunch away from home is a place I'd never imagined it could be just a few years ago: my grocery store.

My local Whole Foods (in Nashville) has one of the best prepared food departments that I've ever seen. Fresh kale salad, quinoa with chickpeas, curried raw minced cauliflower, raw beets seasoned with chilies, and more are available on a daily basis. I encourage my clients who may not be familiar with some of these foods to peruse the offerings and try little portions of foods that are the most foreign to them (since these foods are sold by weight, you control the serving sizes that you get). Often they are surprised to discover how "unscary" these foods really are. This also serves as a great idea-generator for ways to use some of these new foods in their own creations.

When I'm away from home and looking for the just-right food, in the just-right portion size, I'm often heading to my Whole Foods, and feeling really good about it!

Elly Haddad is a Nashville-based IIN Certified Holistic Health Coach. Through her practice, Elemental Fit, she works with individuals, groups, and organizations through health coaching and workplace wellness workshops in TN as well as around the US. She is also a public speaker and freelance writer.

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