Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A New Favorite Snack

Opening my first bag of Down to Earth Organic Trail Mix’s Harmony Blend,  I was skeptical. I usually don’t do trail mixes. They’re heavy and often overly sweet. Sometimes, they are nothing more than sneaky vehicles used to disguise M & M’s or other candy lurking inside. Still, I tried to keep an open mind when I received this curious bag of trail mix, packaged and smartly labeled in a simple, unassuming manner.

I was totally surprised at how light and fresh and totally irresistible this blend of organic dried fruits, seeds and soaked-before-dehydrating nuts really is (according to the correspondence I received from the folks at Down to Earth, soaking and dehydrating nuts, while expensive, “encourages the production of good enzymes” which makes the nuts easier to digest). The fruit tastes tangy, the nuts are light and crisp, and the addition of an indulgent chunk of dark chocolate from time to time is a nice compliment to the Harmony Blend.

Just because it’s “good for you” does not mean anyone should ever consume the entire bag in one sitting (1 ounce is considered 1 serving), but when you’re going to indulge, indulge in something that brings beneficial nutrients as well as good taste.

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Sean Ward said...

Thanks much for liking our Down to Earth Trail Mix.. we are very proud and very happy you are a fan..