Sunday, March 3, 2013

What Are You Anticipating?

It's Sunday - the day that is still a part of the weekend, yet also the day that launches us into a new week. When my kids were in school, this evening would find me catching up on laundry and trying to plan some meals for the week.

Whether you have kids or not, treating one or two days a week as a "planning day" can offer great benefits. I currently aim for Sunday and Wednesday evenings to be my prep times: I often roast some vegetables; wash, peel, chop and store smoothie ingredients; and tidy up my kitchen and study space so that I can operate at maximum efficiency.

There are weeks when I skip my little routine thinking that "I don't have the time." These weeks are the ones when I end up stressed and frazzled and feeling like I just can't get a handle on my schedule - that life is snowballing out of control. I feel tired and cranky. I end up eating poorly and operate out of a super-reactionary mode.

Then there are other weeks when, come Sunday or Wednesday evening, I feel that I don't have the time to do this prep stuff, but I do it anyway. Often, I am then AMAZED at how smoothly everything else tends to flow despite the extra time that I've devoted to this self-care. I don't get the "deer in the headlights" moments in front of the fridge before meals. I eat better. I sleep better. I can breathe easier. I'm more productive. Duh.

What can you do today to take better care of you? By spending a little chunk of time today on yourself in anticipation of whatever the next few days may hold, you may discover a HUGE return on your investment!

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