Sunday, February 10, 2013

LOVING my New Project!

I'm working on a fun project with a filmmaker friend, Ian Maravalli, featuring some of the coolest people in the greater Nashville area. We are interviewing organizations, businesses and individuals who are working to help make Nashville healthier, stronger, better - physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. Yes, that's pretty broad, but there are some pretty interesting people working up-front as well as behind the scenes to maintain and improve this terrific city. While you may recognize some of our subjects at first glance, I'm betting that there may be a thing or two that surprises you about all of them - whether it's the impetus that launched them into their particular line of work, the experiences that shape and define them, or where they see their endeavors headed in the future.

Over the past few weeks we've had the great opportunity to get the back-story on one of my favorite yoga studios - Hot Yoga Plus. Owner, Susannah Herring graciously allowed us to interview her and film one of her classes at the studio (an extra-special thanks to the students in that class for being willing subjects, too!). Susannah's attention to detail is evident in most everything about the studio. Her care and compassion for giving as many people as possible the opportunity to experience the healing and restorative powers of yoga is one of Hot Yoga Plus's biggest assets. All are welcome, no matter what their experience level. Employees purpose to make everyone who walks through the door of the studios feel a sense of belonging.

We are looking forward to the finished product of this segment of our project and are certain that Susannah's story will inspire many - not just yogis, but anyone wanting to experience the joy and satisfaction of entrepreneurship, too!

Stay tuned!

To find out more information on the NashWell Project, follow Elemental Fit's Facebook page. To recommend an individual, business or organization to be featured in this project, contact us via email

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