Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Drink to Your Warmth

I love a good cup of tea. 

My infatuation with the stuff began through a fascination of the ritual of it all, but has grown to the point that now I can't imagine not having it in my life. Most mornings I brew my loose leaf breakfast tea in my fun one-cup infuser, but when I have more time to indulge, I use my cast iron pot that sits on a nice little warming stand. It makes me feel like royalty (IF royalty used cast-iron...).

I am super-sensitive to caffeine, so any tea I have beyond my morning cup must be herbal. Lately I have been really enjoying Teavana's Wild Orange Blossom and Youthberry Tea - combined in equal parts, and steeped for just 2 minutes as my evening beverage of choice. With a touch of honey, I get the satisfaction of a little something fruity and sweet, and on these chilly fall nights it is a MUCH friendlier warm-up than a glass of wine (did you know that, despite its initial relaxing properties, alcohol actually contributes to insomnia?).

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