Monday, September 17, 2012

What Can You Change in One Week?

What can you expect when you participate in a group program that offers on-line support for reducing inflammation in your body by changing the way you eat? Some of the participants in August's "7 Days of Anti-Inflammatory Eating" had such interesting comments and perspective, I've decided to share some feedback from some of them. Below, "Sandy" recounts her experience:

What prompted you to try this experiment?
There are actually several things that prompted me to do this.  First, I had been eating a “candida” diet for about a month and a half.  I was feeling better but also feeling like I wanted a little more cleansing.  I liked this (7 Days of Anti-Inflammatory Eating) because it wasn’t something where you were depriving yourself of calories... I was intrigued by the anti-inflammatory, was wondering what changes would occur in my body eating alkaline foods. I have osteo arthritis in my hip and have some ankle injuries causing swelling, and thought - wow, this might help.

What was your initial reaction to seeing the plan and foods on the list?

Excited and apprehensive at the same time.  Even though through seasons in my life I’ve eaten good healthy food, paying attention to natural, organic, “clean’ food, I saw new things I haven’t done before - more beans than before and mixing veggies and fruits in smoothies - so good.

What were your expectations about how the 7 days would go, and how did they differ from reality (if at all)?  

I was surprised how it changed my energy level for the better, though the first couple days I was exhausted by end of day. I wasn’t sure what to expect, was hoping it would help me do some more cleansing which I feel it did. 

What changes have you experienced, physically, since doing this program (if any)?

Well I had really dehydrated myself over the last few years and was having constipation ...  I had been on a anti yeast/candida diet since mid june and focusing on (drinking) 1/2 my weight of water, I was doing well and feeling better but I think no meat and extra good veggies and fruits and high fiber beans finally kicked the constipation and now the other will improve.

What changes have you experienced mentally/emotionally since doing this program (if any)?

I have always found that when I eat healthy natural foods and keep the sugars to a minimum that I feel better physically - but mentally /emotionally are so tied into the physical and I feel l  stronger mentally and emotionally than I have for YEARS!!!!

Are there things from this program that you feel you can implement into your "regular" life? 

Absolutely and have - smoothies with both veggies and fruit are now a regular part of my diet.  Eating less meat, paying attention to not having to much acidic (inflaming) foods.  More beans and nuts.  Continued drinking water and paying attention to how much ‘sparkling/seltzer’ types of waters I drink.  Making ‘funner salads’ - where they can really suffice as a whole meal.  Choosing to eat less processed foods - breads - even if they are whole grain / choosing sprouted grain options and items without glutton for the most part.  More inclusion of greens besides spinach and lettuces.

If you are interested in participating in September's 7 Days of Anti-Inflammatory Eating small group, on-line program, check out additional information here. Contact me with any questions you have. I'd love for you to join us! Program begins September 23. Deadline for registration is noon, Thursday, September 20.

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