Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Reduce Inflammation in Your Body

Hippocrates admonished, "Let food by thy medicine." What better way to create and maintain a healthy body, than through eating foods that create an atmosphere conducive to building healthy cells, vibrant tissue, properly-functioning organs and a reliable body? Many people spend more effort and resources making sure that their cars are supplied with optimal fuel and meticulous maintenance than most of us do with our own bodies --- and unlike our cars, there's no way to trade in our bodies for a newer, more efficient model when the current one breaks down.

Here's a list of alkalizing foods that can help to fuel your body for peak performance. Acid-based foods cause your body to produce an acid ash during the acid neutralization process. This acid ash is believed to contribute to an environment conducive to tumor growth. In addition to acid ash, more acid in the diet facilitates inflammation in the body. By focusing on reducing the acid environment in the body, your body is able to heal.

Check out this list above and see how many of these foods are a part of your daily diet. They can easily be incorporated into smoothies, soups and salads. Look for ways to up your intake of these alkaline foods, whether you suffer from chronic conditions or not. You will most likely notice an improvement in symptoms of arthritis and other aches and pains, a stronger immune system, and other on-going ills.

The suggestions above are not meant to replace the counsel of your medical doctor. Consult your physician before altering the dosage of any medicine you may be taking. For information on corporate wellness services or individual holistic health coaching through Elemental Fit, contact elly@elementalfit.com.

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