Monday, July 16, 2012

8 Smart Ways to Lose Weight

DIETS DON'T WORK! Instead, use this graphic as a visual reminder of some simple ways you can incorporate some healthy habits into your daily routine to help you live a purposeful life, eliminating mindless eating and addressing some of the common triggers that contribute to weight-gain.

Avoid mindless eating by creating strategies. Eating breakfast every day allows you to begin your daily routine with consistent blood sugar levels. Eliminate many empty calories that sneak into your body every single day by replacing other beverages with water and increasing your total fluid consumption. Making your own meals instead of relying on processed, carry out or restaurant foods, gives YOU control over ingredients, nutrients, amounts of fats, calories, sugar and sodium. Stress can cause cravings for sugar and sodium in addition to creating an environment that's conducive for increased belly fat (the stress hormone cortisol is also known as the “belly fat” chemical). Adequate sleep and exercise curbs cravings and helps to regulate serotonin supplies. Make caring for yourself a priority - it won’t just happen. AND above all else: avoid temptation foods by not bringing them into your home!

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