Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lose the Stink, Keep Your Money

If you've decided to hit the gym as part of your New Year's resolutions, odds are you're working up a sweat. In the race for the latest and greatest products, methods and accessories to help you reach your new goals, don't fall for the current marketing hype that primarily succeeds in giving you nothing more than a skinnier wallet. Special sports drinks, nutrition bars and, most recently, cleaning products all fit this bill. One of the latest products to hit my favorite work-out spot's retail area is one that promises to remove the oder from work-out clothing. After one workout, when my newly acquired flexibility allowed my nose to touch my knees during a forward-bend, I realized that I desperately needed just such a detergent. At nearly $20 for a modest sized bottle of this detergent, I calculated it would cost several hundred dollars to keep me smelling fresh and clean for my workouts over the course of a year. Perusing the web for alternatives, I came across several suggestions for reducing gym-clothing oder by soaking clothing in the washing machine with baking soda. The idea is that the baking soda creates an environment that inhibits the growth of the oder-causing properties of sweat - and it actually works for a fraction of the cost of the oder-killing sports detergents!

Simply add one cup of baking soda to your washing machine as it fills for a normal wash cycle (since I usually have a very small load after my workouts, I only use 1/3 cup of baking soda for a small wash load). Add clothing and allow machine to agitate for a minute or two before pausing the machine. Allow clothing to soak in machine overnight (or at least 6-8 hours), add regular laundry detergent and resume wash cycle.

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