Saturday, February 19, 2011

Stressed Much?

It's not uncommon for women in our society to be overwhelmed with stress.  We are a culture that values a stressful lifestyle.  "Stress-management" is often looked down upon, as something for the "weak" or desperate.  Those who can juggle multiple tasks at once are viewed as "heros" (we wear our stressed schedule like a badge:  ever hear a girlfriend brag about how calm her week has been???).  Couple these views with our own pressure to take care of everyone else before ourselves and we have the potential for some serious damage.

Stress isn't the decision to whine and cry.  It's what's going on inside your body, chemically, during times of fighting for your life and when figuring out how to navigate in an uncertain situation.  Stress we face today will affect our health tomorrow and for years to come.  While we rarely find ourselves fighting for our lives, daily - sometimes multiple times throughout the day - we DO find ourselves trying to navigate in uncertain situations.  Heck, LIFE is more often than not an uncertain situation...

While we often can't control the decisions our kids make, the expectations of our family, the workload our boss piles onto us, or the hectic and unpredictable commute to work each day, we CAN control how we approach them.

Take some time today to make a list of the things that are causing you the most stress and see if there are some things that you can begin to say "no" to.  Also, schedule some time each day for you to sit quietly and plan out your day.  Yes, it may require waking up 15 minutes earlier, but by feeling some sense of control in your life (and starting your day being PROactive rather than REactive), the amount of stress you feel will begin to diminish.  An antidote to stress is to find a place where we feel in control.

Elly Haddad is a certified holistic health coach, member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, author of 7 Days of REAL Food and founder of Elemental Fit ( - a health coaching practice devoted to educating and equipping women to create balanced lives for themselves and their families.  She works with clients all over the United States in-person and via phone conducting one-on-one counseling sessions, corporate wellness workshops, teleseminars and cooking classes.  Through improving overall health, her clients find success in conquering cravings, developing healthy eating habits, weight-loss, stress reduction and more.  

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