Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Really HOT New COOL Treat

I RARELY endorse anything that comes wrapped in plastic, foil or cardboard (these are usually good indicators that the “food” it contains is processed) HOWEVER, there are some exceptions to this rule.  I have found one AMAZING exception, thanks to a heads-up from Lillian in Nashville.

Lillian had mentioned how wonderful Power of Fruit bars are on Facebook, and how they were something even she, herself could make based on the simplicity of ingredients. [Simple ingredients - stuff you would actually have in your own kitchen - are things to scan for when looking at ingredient lists on food packaging.  Have you EVER had a jar of Acesulfame Potassium or Interesterified Fat in your pantry?]  Anyway, after seeing Lillian's comments about these bars I decided that a closer look was in order.

I contacted the company, and they were kind enough to send me all three flavors to sample.  These frozen fruit bars - and that's exactly what they are:  fruit and some juice blended up and frozen - come in three different flavors:  Original, Tropical and Banana Berry, and are in plastic sleeve-types of packaging, much like "Freeze Pops".  While all three flavors were great, my tip-top favorite is the Tropical bar.  This bar has just five ingredients:  pineapple, mango, banana, white grape juice and water, and it tastes like summertime.  The chunks of pineapple and mango mingle in creamy sweet banana pulp with just enough tartness to keep the banana from being overwhelming.  The texture of this frozen bar is wonderful and smooth, not icy and brittle at all.  This has become my favorite go-to quick-cooling refueling food right after a run when the temps have been in the 90's because of the banana (great source of potassium) and the pineapple (natural anti-inflammatory) AND because it tastes so good (also a HUGE "plus":  there are only 6 grams of sugar in this bar - all naturally occurring!).

In second place to the Tropical bar is the Original Power of Fruit bar.  It has a great combination of strawberries, cranberries, blueberries, mango, pineapple and banana.  It's texture is not quite as creamy as the Tropical bar, though the fruit combination creates a great tart/sweet taste.

These bars are made with WHOLE food - pureed fruit, chunks of fruit - not just fruit juices, and "nothing else.  No added sugar, color or preservatives.  None.  Zero.  Zilch." states the label.  The WHOLEness of the food allows your body to process it the way nature intended - the fiber, the phytonutrients, the elements we haven't even been able to identify yet - for optimal nutrient absorption and digestion.

The Power of Fruit company was created by some people with much experience in the food and advertising industries.  Three years later, they are distributing their bars primarily through independent and natural food stores on the west coast and in the Colorado and Arizona areas, but have also expanded to serve some larger chains, as well.  To find Power of Fruit bars in your area, visit their website and enter your zip code into the search box.  You'll be glad you did!

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