Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Are You Using Premium Fuel?

I wrote last week about the importance of listening to the signals your body is sending you, and then getting to the root cause of the signals rather than covering them up.  Examples of this are:  recurrent indigestion and taking antiacids; insomnia and taking sleep aids; recurring stuffy nose cleared through taking decongestants; etc.  These medications don’t cure the conditions – the signals, they simply cover them up.  I believe conditions like these have actual causes that we can do something about to eliminate them completely.

Why are we content to live a mediocre life?  Why are we resigned to the idea that as we age, we are destined to decline into a state of aches, pains, drastically diminished capacities, and a cabinet bulging with prescription medications?  Does it seem too assuming or hopeful to expect that we might possibly be able to get out of these complex, intricately functioning bio-computers we call our bodies something like reliable service for a good eight or nine decades? 

Recently while dining outdoors at a local super-healthy restaurant, I saw an older couple – in their 70’s, at least – ride up on their bicycles, park them and head inside.  After ordering, they came outside and sat nearby.  The health and vitality that this couple radiated was impossible to ignore.  I overheard them talking about cycling, rafting and swimming, and it was obvious they did them all with abandon.  I want to be like that.

Have you ever had a new car that needed only premium gas?  Because of your investment and the performance you expect from a vehicle like this, you are willing to pay the 4 or 5 cents extra per gallon for premium fuel for this stellar piece of machinery.  What you put in to it matters.  Use cheaper fuel and oil instead of what is recommended and you are liable to get odd engine noises, poor performance and a shorter use-life.  Don't our bodies deserve the same care, as well?

One of the best fuels you can be putting into your bodies are dark green leafy vegetables – TONS of them: spring lettuce mixes, kale, collard greens, spinach, chard, mustard greens.   These are some of the best foods for our bodies, yet also some of the least consumed foods in our normal American diet.  Dark green vegetables provide magnesium and calcium benefiting tissue formation, our bones and muscles, among other things.  They supply enzymes that are important for healthy lung function.  Greens can be eaten cooked or raw, as the base for salads, lining for pita sandwiches, pureed into soups, sautéed in your favorite sauces and partnered with various beans.  Some experts recommend eating a pound of raw green leafy vegetables every day.

I challenge you this week to fuel your body with premium fuel.  Rather than worry about not exceeding a particular calorie limit, worry instead about not missing out on any opportunity to get as many nutrients into your meals as possible - at every meal.  One of the best ways to do this is to load up on the greens.

If you are curious about ways to incorporate more greens (and other REAL foods) into your daily diet, consider working with me as your own, personal holistic health coach.  I am certified and a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.  We could set up a free, no-obligation 'health consultation', giving you the opportunity to articulate your health goals and experience my health coaching style.  Interested?  Contact me here!

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