Thursday, August 14, 2008

finding a fit

Once I heard someone describe achieving a strong sense of self-esteem as 'walking in the way that God has created us to walk'. I translate that into: walking in the pair of shoes that God has created to perfectly fit our feet.

Often we see a pair of shoes that look great. Maybe we've seen someone somewhere wearing these shoes that look fantastic, creating the perfect compliment to their outfit, making the wearer look completely 'pulled together'. We might ask where the person got the shoes. We search for those shoes. Sometimes, we even research the shoes: what are they made of? what colors do they come in? are they imported? domestic? designer? We want those shoes!

Sooner or later, we find the shoes. We put them on and wait for the 'feeling' to come. Sometimes, they feel great. We go on about our business and everything works out wonderfully. But, what about the times when we try on the coveted shoes, feel the little rub or squeeze or pinch, and buy them anyway. Maybe our correct size is not available...maybe a bigger size is too big... "it's not too bad," we convence ourselves. "They just need to be broken in." So we  commit to them and wear them around, trying to ignore the pinching, the tightness, the blisters, because they look so good. Eventually it affects the way we walk, no matter what other shoes we put on.

Finding the right fit in life is much like finding the right fit with those shoes. Maybe not all styles fit all people who wear the same size in the same way. Perhaps the person looking 'pulled together' is looking pulled together because they found the shoes that fit them and the feeling of the 'right fit' and 'comfort' is projected in a very tangible way. There is no way to replicate that without finding what the right fit for each of us is, individually… in differing styles of shoes.

When wrestling with the big 'life-shaping' decisions that come up from time to time in your journey, ask yourself, "When was a time when i felt the best about myself? What was I doing? How was I doing it?" It was probably a time when you were 'wearing the shoes that fit': walking in the way that God has created you to walk. Let that dictate your next "purchase".

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